Listed below are frequently asked questions about the ChocolateFest.  If you have a question that is not addressed
below or on this website, please contact our office at 972-973-4420.  Thank you.

1.  Where is the new venue - Grapevine Convention Center?
The new venue, Grapevine Convention Center is in historic downtown Grapevine.  It is located at 1209 S. Main St., Grapevine,
Texas 76051

2.  What is the dress code Friday night?
The dress code for Friday night is casual.  If you care to dress up more, that is ok too.

3.  What is the dress code Saturday?
The dress code for Saturday, is essentially whatever you are comfortable in.  It is not a "dressy" event by any means.

4.  What is included in my ticket price Friday night?
Your Friday night ticket includes two 5oz samples of wine, the hors d'oeuvres buffet, chocolate samples, silent auction.

5.  What is included in my ticket price Saturday?
Your Saturday ticket includes 10 chocolate samples (or 5 for children), art exhibit,

6.  Should I buy my tickets in advance?
Advance purchase of tickets is HIGHLY encouraged for the Friday evening event as this event often sells out.  Depending on
advance sales, there may not be tickets for sale at the door.  Advance purchase of tickets for Saturday is not as critical,
although the past few years, we have had very limited tickets available at the door.

7.  What happened to the plastic containers you used to sell at the Saturday event?
The company that manufactured the Sterilite containers we used for eight years has stopped making them.  The replacement
containers are much more expensive and not as "consumer friendly".  We tried substitute containers for several years and they
were not well received by our guests.  As a result, we have discontinued the use of the containers until an affordable
substitute can be found.

8.  Can I purchase containers and/or wine glasses from previous festivals?
Yes.  We will offer containers and wine glasses from previous festivals for sale at this year's event.

9..  Who receives the funds from this event?
Travelers Aid Dallas/Fort Worth is the beneficiary of the festival.  Travelers Aid is a non-profit agency with offices at
DFW International Airport that provides emergency travel assistance and local travel assistance programs.

10.  Why does my credit card receipt show a charge from Travelers Aid Dallas/Fort Worth?
Since Travelers Aid is the beneficiary of the festival, and maintains the event website, credit card charges are processed
through the agency's online payment system.  As a result, the charges show up on your bill as being for Travelers Aid
Dallas/Fort Worth.

11.  Can I bring children to the Friday evening event?
The Friday night Evening of Chocolate and Wine is an adult event.  Since wine will be available, we would prefer no children
attend.  There will be NO child care or stroller storage available Friday evening.

12. Where do I park at the event?
Complimentary valet parking is available Friday evening.  There is ample parking next to the convention center for parking on

If you have additional questions, please click the link below to send them to us via email.  Thank you.
Enjoying Chocolate and Wine
Guests at the 2014 Evening of
Chocolate and wine.
The Hyatt Touch
They Hyatt Regency DFW booth at
the 2014 Day of Chocolate and Art.
Frequently Asked Questions
12th Annual ChocolateFest
Chocolate is for families...
Guests at the 2014 Day of Chocolate
and Art make it a family affair.  
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